Advantages of Self-Paced Learning for Young Athletes

Advantages of Self-Paced Learning for Young Athletes

If you visited our website, you have probably noticed that students learn at self-pace at our online school. Yet many parents and students are not quite sure what that means. That is why we are here to clarify that matter. Learning at own tempo is a highly convenient method, especially for students working on their athletic careers. This methodological approach has many benefits that we will present in this article.

We are providers of online education for children who are athletes. At Sport World School, they study and take tests at any time they want — no rigid schedules and time tables. Self-paced learning gives a student complete control over the process of acquiring knowledge. They choose what, when, from where, and for how long they learn.

Self-Paced Learning at Sport World School

Sport World School provides programs that cover elementary to high school. A young athlete’s life demands special routines and commitments that are usually on the opposite side with the regular school schedule. For instance, many of them miss school-days and have to deal with accumulated lessons. That can be highly stressful.

Because of that, many talented children gave up the sport. They simply couldn’t keep up with the tempo in school and on the sports field. We aim to help students balance sport and school. Throughout schooling with us, they don’t lose good results in any of these two important fields.

Besides an excellent and certified curriculum, our online school also utilizes a unique methodology. The backbone of that methodology is flexibility and self-paced learning. Student-athletes can benefit a lot from that kind of approach. It goes hand in hand with athletic responsibilities. Sport World School students develop individual learning plans, there are no group arrangements.

Set Your Own Schedule

Our online school doesn’t impose strict time tables. Quite the contrary, our students, have absolute freedom to organize their time the way they want. With 24/7 access to our online learning platform and materials, you can learn at any time. Young athletes can combine classes with training, and they will never be late for either of them. They will have the time for both. To put it simply, a student is a master of its own time, and therefore, they can organize in the best possible way.

Take the Time You Need

Regular school forces a student to follow a group tempo, while in an online school, the situation is opposite — the school follows a student’s tempo. As we have explained, students learn individually and take as much time as they want for a particular subject. In practice, it means that a student can spend more time on lessons or subjects that are harder for them and invest fewer hours on topics that they understand better.

We already mentioned that young athletes are frequently absent from school, and once they come back, they are usually under pressure to make up for the missed material. With the self-paced approach at our online school, there is no time pressure. A student will never fall behind other classmates because he or she learns individually. They don’t depend on the group tempo, but rather impose the personal one.

With this method, a student is in charge of the entire learning process, tests, quizzes, and other online school assignments. If students don’t feel ready to take the test, they don’t have to do it right now. They can take the time they need to learn and do the test once they are prepared.

Self-Paced Learning Affects Memory Performance

Through this learning at our own pace, we bring back the focus on the learning itself. A student is free from pressure, and they are oriented towards gaining knowledge. In addition to better memory performance, we also have to mention our platform with interactive multimedia elements through which we presented the program. Moreover, a student learns through fun and play. They are exploring and discovering new things from various subjects.

Adjust the School To Your Own Pace

Sport World School allows each student to customize learning the way it suits them the best. Through self-paced methodology, they will have absolute freedom to organize their time and learning materials. Without strict timetables and schedules and with 24/7 access to our platform, they can combine school with sports activities without any problems. Yet, this flexibility doesn’t affect the quality of the knowledge.

Sport World School enables young athletes to take advantage of self-paced learning, so they don’t have to compromise education for sports, and vice-versa. If you are interested to know more about our program, and online schooling in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us via email or via messaging on Facebook or Instagram. Above all, the enrollments are open throughout the year, and you can apply to our online school regardless of where you live.