Sport World School B2B

Besides enrolling students individually, Sport World School is open for Business 2 Business cooperation with sports clubs, academies, and associations. 

Online schooling has proven to be an excellent choice for young athletes from elementary to high school. The flexibility that this type of education offers goes hand in hand with their athletic obligations and busy sports schedules. In other words, we play for the same team. 

As a fully registered American school that uses an accredited American curriculum, Sport World School ensures that our students receive a high-quality and legitimate education recognized and accepted worldwide. Add our unique online learning methodology, designed to fit young athletes,’ and you can be sure that each student will get an extraordinary learning experience. 

SWS has successful cooperation with Tipsarevic Tennis Academy, Ljubicic Tennis Academy, Qatar Tennis Association, Marcet Football Academy, and MPAC Basketball Dubai. Their athletes are our successful students who have no trouble balancing sports and school life. 

Some of the SWS partner organizations

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