An Online School With the Fastest Enrollment Process

An Online School With the Fastest Enrollment Process

Sport World School (SWS) is proud to say that we have one of the fastest application and enrollment process, among online schools. From sending us the documentation to logging into the platform — doesn’t have to pass more than 48 hours. There is nothing easier than applying to our online school. We accept students from all around the world, and during the entire year, you can start whenever you want.

We are an international provider of online education for young athletes who are at the level of elementary, middle, and high school. SWS provides a certified curriculum and flexible learning schedule. That enables our students to balance sport and school, without losing satisfied results in either of these areas to suffer. At regular school, students have strict schedules that often confront with their training, tournaments, and travels, causing them to miss classes. That won’t happen at SWS, yet this flexibility doesn’t affect the quality of the knowledge our students get.

Who Can Apply To Sport World School?

Any child who goes in elementary, middle, or high school, plays sports, and has at least basic English language knowledge can apply to our online school. If you want to experience the flexibility of online learning, but you are not an athlete, visit Education World Wide. It doesn’t matter in which country you live, because we are an international school.

We don’t set any special requirements that students have to meet to become our students. You must send us a scanned copy of a student’s latest education transcript. That is how we will know what grade they have finalized. We will also need a scanned copy of their passport or any other ID, so we can confirm a student’s identity.

No Need To Translate the Education Transcripts

In case you are coming from a non-English speaking country, you will not have to translate your transcripts. Send them to us, and our team will do the rest. Because we follow UNESCO’s International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF), we don’t make differences between educational systems.

Yet, sometimes, it will be necessary that we put a student through the Placement program. That occurs if our Admissions team can’t clearly understand the information that is on the educational transcript. The Placement program is a series of tests from core subjects that determine students’ level of knowledge. The results will tell us if the student is eligible to enroll in the desired grade.

Beginning of the Enrollment

The enrollment process also doesn’t last very long. Our team can get it done in 48 hours if we receive all information from your side in time. Once we receive the documents, one of our educational consultants will contact the student or a parent and explain them further. They will send you the enrollment form that needs to be signed. After we receive the assigned enrollment form, the consultant will send you a link to pay your first tuition installment.

When financial requirements are met, the enrollment process is over, and you are officially the student of Sport World School. Our educational consultant and a teacher will send you credentials for logging into the platform and explaining how the platform works. After that, you can start to learn whenever you want.

Enrollments Are Always Open

As we have already said, Sport World School accepts new students during the entire year. You can enroll anytime you want and start your grade from the beginning. Another option is transferring in the middle of the semester from another school. We are trying to make the application and enrollment process as fast as possible, and we also try not to bother parents with unnecessary bureaucracy.

In case you are not sure if Sport World School is the right online school for you, or you have some questions or doubts regarding online schooling, contact us. Schedule a free live consultation with one of our consultants, and they will explain every aspect of virtual schooling at Sport World School. To schedule a consultation, you have to send us an email to, and someone will reply to you shortly.