Learn Only 2 Hours per Day

Learn only 2 hours per day

If you have ever wondered how much time you must spend learning at the Sport World School, the answer is only 2 hours per day. Our unique learning methodology enables students to learn at their own tempo because they are not overwhelmed with learning materials. Yet, the quality of their education is not compromised. This approach gave the best results with children who are training sports and want to build a sports career.

We are aware that as a young athlete, you have a lot of sports commitments during a single day, and they are usually in confrontation with your obligations in (regular) school. We also know that tempo can be overwhelming sometimes. At our online school, you won’t have that problem, because this form of schooling enables students to be more flexible.

To make things even better, we created a unique learning methodology that allows our students to get quality knowledge without spending endless hours or days on the computer. Of course, for this to work, you’ll need to be good at managing your own time. We’ll share some tips on that on some other occasion.

The bottom line is, you’ll have to learn only a couple of hours a day to meet requirements at Sport World School. And, if you wonder how this is possible, let us explain.

The Best Online Curriculum

Our curriculum follows the STEM program, meaning that some of our core subjects are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each year in elementary, middle, or high school, students follow four regular subjects, plus two electives that a student chooses based on its interests. And we are one of the rare online schools that has a truly excellent choice when it comes to electives. Here you can explore in detail our program per grade.

Some of our electives in high school are about health or business management. Students usually opt for them, because they learn the basics that can help them a lot if they plan on becoming physical therapists or sports managers after they finish their athletic career.

Unique Online Learning Methodology

The American schooling system has a proven method, and the UK educational system offers flexibility. We took the best from both and created our learning methodology. Subjects per grade are divided. For example, in elementary school, children are learning the basics. During middle and high school, children get the possibility to develop and improve their practical skills.

Through this methodology, we can help each student to define personal interests, and we can direct them towards their talent and personal aspirations. These steps are quite important, especially if you plan on continuing education and going to college.

And speaking of colleges, you should know that SWS diploma has globally recognized academic value. It is accepted anywhere in the world, like a diploma from any regular school. Also, with our diploma, you can apply for a sports scholarship at the US colleges that are competing within NCAA.

Do You Want to Learn Only 2 Hours a Day?

If you think that this requirement fits perfectly with your daily schedule, then what are you waiting for. Get in touch, and let’s see how we can sign you up at Sport World School right away. Go to our application page, or if you or your parents have a question, don’t hesitate to write to us at info@sportworldschool.com.