Online School Is the Perfect Choice for Young Athletes

Online School for young athletes

How many times you had to miss training because of school? And how many times you had to skip school because of the game or the other way around? Well, if you are a young athlete, we believe that the answer is – too many times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With accredited and certified online schools, such as the Sport World School, you can have it all. Enough time for building an athletic career while getting a high-quality education.

Life of a child who is playing sports is way different than the lives of their peers. Young athletes have practice sessions, games, and tournaments that they have to fit into a daily schedule. At some sports, professional tournaments for juniors start when children are at ten years of age, and they are happening during school days. Many young athletes are absent from school and have a hard time to catch up later.

The main problem with balancing between school and sports life is the lack of time. Since the day has only 24 hours, we can’t change the amount of time we have. But what we can change is the amount of time children spend in school. Sitting in a school for six to eight hours is excessive and not productive in the long term. The Sport World School is the solution.

We designed our unique online programs and learning methodology for elementary, middle, and high school, with young athletes in mind. Our online school works in a way that allows students flexibility and allows them to develop an individual course plan. With such a system, they have plenty of time for both sports and education.

With Online School You Don’t Miss Practice Session

Most of the time, training sessions for young athletes start in the morning, at the same time when school starts. Or the training happens in the afternoon, so children are rushing from the school to the practice session. In each case, it is hard to keep up with that tempo.

With the Sport World School, your child can start school day whenever they feel comfortable. They have 24/7 access to our online platform and learning materials. Even if they skip a day or a few, they can easily make up for it when they have free time.

According to the study habits of our current students, two hours per day of learning is enough to follow the curriculum. Although some children will need more time, they’ll still have plenty of time for practice, games, and tournaments.

Online School Helps Young Athletes Build a Positive Mindset

It is not uncommon that regular schools don’t have an understanding for the obligations of young athletes. Sometimes teachers have inadequate, sarcastic comments because the child skips school often, or they didn’t learn specific lessons.

Even the child can feel depressed if they see that they are way behind other kids in the class. In the long term, this can affect a child’s self-confidence. In the long term, this can have negative consequences not just in the sports field, but in the life of a child.

At Sport World School, every student has its own learning tempo. Since the entire learning process happens online, they don’t compare each other with other children. Also, there are no grades or marks on our online platform. Children are prompted to learn to understand a particular subject, not to get a good grade.

The Advantage of Segmented Curriculum at Our Online School

Each grade at the Sport World School has four main courses, and in middle and high school, students also get at least two elective courses. When it comes to main courses, we follow STEM, which means that our core curriculum covers science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We have over 90 elective courses from various fields, and they can help students to develop personal interests or explore their future careers.

For example, we have Health or Business Management related electives in which students learn the basics and get practical skills. We are sure this can be of great benefit to those who plan on becoming physical therapists of sports managers, after the athletic career.

Also, the platform operates in such a manner that after they finish with one lesson, students take a test. If they pass the test, the platform unlocks the next lesson. That ensures that they understood the lesson before they moved on with materials.

Online Schooling at Sport World School Is Valid and Accepted

Some parents misjudge online schooling thinking it’s not valuable. But the truth is, online schools at K12 level (elementary, middle, and high school) are not just a novelty, they are recognized and accepted method of schooling. The Sport World School is written in the Board of Education of Florida and accredited by the NCA CASI.

In other words, the academic value of our diploma is equal, as the value of a diploma from any regular school. It is accepted anywhere in the world, so our students can find a job or proceed with higher education wherever they want. Another benefit that we offer to our students is the opportunity to apply for a sports scholarship at US colleges that are competing within the NCAA.

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