SWS Is NCAA-Approved: What Does That Mean for You?

SWS Online Program is NCAA-Approved

As an online school entirely focused on young athletes, Sport World School (SWS) has a specific learning methodology and program. Besides having all required recognitions, our online program is also fully certified by the NCAA for all three divisions. In short, that means that the SWS students can apply for sports scholarships at a range of colleges across the United States. But, being an NCAA-approved also has other benefits, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

The NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization that manages college athletes. In other words, they allow college students to continue to play sports professionally while they are studying. The NCAA covers three divisions and 24 sports disciplines.

Did you know that just 5% of children who played sports in high school, continue to do so while they are in college? But, don’t be confused with such a small percentage, because that is still a lot of students. Last year, around 480.000 students competed in a variety of competitions as an NCAA athlete.

NCAA-Approved Online Program as a Proof of Quality

The fact that Sport World School has the approval of the NCAA means several things. First of all, our online program is corresponding to the NCAA standards. The subjects that we offer to our students are good enough to prepare you for the colleges in the NCAA network. In other words, the SWS gives students a solid knowledge foundation that is necessary to go to a college.

You Can Apply for a Sports Scholarship

The NCAA spends almost $3.5 billion for sports scholarships, and each year more than 180.000 students get a scholarship. Since the SWS program is NCAA-approved as a non-traditional schooling program, all our students can apply for the NCAA sports scholarships. By getting a scholarship, you will have the chance to continue to play sports while getting a higher education. Furthermore, the NCAA can help you reach the professional level faster.

Always Have a Plan B

You have set your eyes on becoming a professional athlete. But what if things don’t go as planned? What if you can’t make it as a professional? As a matter of fact, fewer than 2 percent of NCAA college-athletes become professional athletes. That is where education comes to the scene.

Your future will depend on your education and what you are qualified to do. Even if you are not a pro athlete, you can still choose an array of professions inside the sports industry. In other words, you can become a professional, and pursue a career in other industries that you are interested in because you’ll have a relevant college degree.

By being an NCAA-approved program, the SWS gives its students a plan B.

How Else Can Our Online Program Help You in College?

Being a college student and an athlete requires that you know how to manage your time properly. And excellent time management skills are something that you can learn at Sport World School. Online school is teaching you how to organize your time better, how to be more resourceful, and independent, which are all good skills that can make your college life more manageable.

We Care About Your Future

Sport World School exists to make the life of young athletes easier. We want to give you more free time so you can focus on building your athletic career. At the same time, we provide you with high-quality knowledge that makes you eligible for the college. Our online curriculum has all required certifications and approvals, which makes our diploma valid and accepted worldwide.

The SWS diploma opens the doors for your further education and improvement, whether you plan to stay in the sports or move to another field. In case you want to pursue an athletic career even in college, our online school gives you the possibility to do so within the NCAA.

Even if the colleges in the NCAA network or any other university or college in the world are not for you, for whatever reason, you can always continue with us. The SWS umbrella platform Education World Wide offers online IT and Business Academy studies.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@sportworldschool.com.