SWS Progression to College

SWS Diploma Is Internationally Accepted

SWS diplomas and credentials originate in the USA since our school code is registered in the Florida Department of Education. They are recognized worldwide – under the EQF in the European Union and under the ISCED 2011 – UNESCO classification internationally. We issue a diploma with an apostille certificate, which is another insurance for the document’s validity.

We would like to emphasize that online education for elementary, middle, and high school is a legitimate form of education. That being said, SWS students gain high-quality knowledge and earn an internationally accepted diploma, which ensures a smooth progression to higher education.

Program Approved by the NCAA

The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that regulates student-athletes and allows them to continue playing sports professionally while studying. The NCAA covers three divisions and 24 sports disciplines. Sport World School is one of the rare online schools approved by the NCAA, as a non-traditional schooling program, for all three divisions. We’re proud to say that it opens many opportunities for our students.

Proof of Quality

Our online program complies with the NCAA standards, which is one of the proofs of its quality. Students at our online high school gain high-quality knowledge that enables them to follow and understand the study program at the college.

  • MATH

Sports Scholarship

The NCAA grants $3.5 sports scholarships to more than 180.000 students each year. All students who finalized SWS high school can apply for the NCAA sports scholarships. By getting a scholarship, a student has a chance to continue to play sports while getting a higher education. Similarly, the NCAA can help college students reach the professional level faster.

It’s Good to Have a Plan B

We know that our students want a career as a professional athlete. But, if things don’t go as planned, a student will need a plan B. Also, everyone needs an alternative after their professional athletic career is over. That’s where education comes into play. A high-quality knowledge and an SWS diploma open the doors for our students, so they can continue their education elsewhere and acquire a relevant college degree. Thanks to that opportunity, they can always pursue a career in other industries outside of sport.

The NCAA is an American organization, and therefore it covers only colleges in the US. However, with an SWS diploma, students can apply to any college or a university in their home country or anywhere in the world.

Academic Credits

SWS Online High School carries 22-24 credits, which is a requirement for a student to be able to graduate. Each core subject is worth one credit, plus some electives carry 0.5 credits. In the table below, you can see how many credits each subject is worth.

CourseCollege Prep Track
English/Language Arts4 credits
Math4 credits
Social Studies4 credits
Science4 credits
Elective Courses5 – 8 credits
Total22-24 credits

Online Business Academy

SWS offers its students one more opportunity – they can continue with higher education with us. Our umbrella platform, Education World Wide, also has a certified Online Business Academy where students can earn Level 4 through Level 7 diploma in Business and Marketing. After ending their athletic career, many athletes continue to work within the sports industry, usually in some management positions. Hence the reason why Online Business Academy can be your next step after online high school.

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