High-Quality Online Program for a High-Quality Performance

A High-Quality Online Program for a High-Quality Performanc

Our primary role at Sport World School is to educate students who play sports. We devised a unique learning methodology that enables them to get an education while trying to build an athletic career. Besides our methodology, our online curriculum is of crucial importance. SWS has certified online programs for elementary, middle, and high school, which also happens to be approved by the NCAA. That provides our students with the possibility to proceed to higher education.

All 12 grades at Sport World School have four core subjects – Language Arts (English language), Math, History & Geography, and Science. Besides core subjects, students also have two elective subjects that they choose depending on their interests.

Online Program: Core Subjects

The main part of our program is based on four core subjects – English Language, Math, Science, and History & Geography (one subject). The online elementary school gives students the basic knowledge in these areas and prepares them for middle school.

At middle school, students get broader knowledge in these four areas. The learning material that we cover for students at this age serves as perfect preparation for high school.

Our online high school offers students multiple benefits because they learn things they are truly interested in. Regarding the core subjects, they take students into the depth of these areas and provide them with the knowledge that creates a stable foundation for higher education.

Online Program: Elective Subjects

Sport World School has more than 90 elective subjects, and we are constantly improving that list. Those subjects cover areas from Health, IT and Finance, to Marketing and STEM. Each student can choose two electives per grade.

At online elementary school, we offer a second foreign language as an elective. In middle school, we introduce students with Career Exploration subjects. Through these electives, we introduce students with areas and industries that they might find interesting in terms of future job opportunities.

Our online high school students can choose electives based on their interests. If they are interested in Marketing, they can opt for subjects that cover marketing topics. They get to explore almost any area they are curious about.

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Safe Academic Path

SWS has a certified curriculum that forms a firm base of knowledge and ensures students’ safe academic path. For example, students at our online high school gather between 21 and 24 credits. Core subjects are worth one credit, while some electives are worth 0.5 credits.

Moreover, SWS’s online program is also on the list of the curriculums that have been approved by the NCAA. That allows our students to apply to the US colleges that are within the NCAA network, as well as to apply for sports scholarships.

SWS diploma is internationally recognized, therefore our students can apply to a range of colleges or universities worldwide. The quality of the knowledge that they got at our online school ensures that they will be completely ready to follow academic programs.

Progression to College

Don’t Neglect Education – Have It All

Excellent programs, in combination with unique learning methodology, are the perfect solution for our students who are young athletes. They get high-quality knowledge and a flexible approach to learning, which enables them to focus on their athletic goals without compromising or neglecting education. In other words, they can have it all.

If you want to find out more about our program, tuition fee, and possibilities that we offer to students, feel free to contact us. You can do it by sending an email to info@sportworldschool.com. Our education consultants will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information. Also, we accept students throughout the entire year, you don’t have to wait for September the 1st.