Online School Means More Time On The Sports Fields

Online School Means More Time On The Sports Fields

When it comes to young athletes, online schooling doesn’t mean that they learn from the coziness of their home. It means that they get to spend more time on the sports fields, and they can focus on their athletic career without compromising education. It is as simple as that. 

Being a young aspiring athlete and an excellent student usually doesn’t go hand in hand. It’s not that talented and skillful young athletes are not capable of being good students. It’s just that these two areas are conflicted. Both education and sports require time that a child has to invest in getting results. Traditional schools often don’t have an understanding of the sports obligations of their students. On the other side, athletic demands are clear – the more time you spend training and playing, you’ll be a better player. 

Young athletes and their families are constantly torn between these two fields, and both are equally important. 

What seems to be the problem?

The lack of time. Well, we all have 24 hours in a day, but schooling obligations and sports activities are usually overlapping, which forces children to choose – will I go to school or will I skip this practice? When they miss school, they are falling behind the class, and they find it hard to catch up with what they missed. When an athlete skips the practice, their athletic performance is suffering. 

What is a possible solution?

More flexible schooling schedules. Young athletes need more freedom in organizing their time, and they can get it with an online school. While in traditional schools, students have fixed timetables, at online school, they can learn whenever it suits them—thus leaving them enough time in 24 hours for sports obligations and schooling. That is how Sport World School solves this problem and helps students balance their sports career with education. 

Parents, does this sound familiar? 

How many times have you run from your child’s sports club and practice session to the school, trying to get them there on time? How many times did teachers call to tell you that your child’s school performance is poor, they are falling behind and getting bad grades? On the other side, you surely don’t want to clip their wings and force them to quit their passion for sport and dispute their talent.  Here is the good news, you don’t have to do that. As we have mentioned, the solution exists, and it comes in the form of online education. 

Online School Gives Young Athletes More Time 

Online education has been around for quite some time. It is equally useful and beneficial for elementary and secondary education as it is for higher education. The biggest benefit that this form of learning brings to students is flexibility. They are in control of how they organize their daily time. For example, if they want to practice an hour longer in the morning, they can do it without worrying that they will miss school or be late for a class. There are no consequences. 

At Sport World School, students learn from an online learning platform to which they have access 24/7. They can log in anytime they want, and their daily assignments will await them. 

Likewise, they can schedule a live online class with a tutor at the most convenient time for a student. A student creates a personal learning plan, and they learn at their own pace because there are no other children in the classroom. Therefore they are not falling behind but rather taking the time they need to acquire knowledge. 

Additionally, Sport World School implements a unique learning methodology specifically designed for young athletes. Here is an example. One of our students is a prospective tennis player, and throughout the year, he goes on several international competitions. It usually means that he is absent from online school in 10-15 days time periods several times a year. During that time, we don’t give him any assignments. He can focus only on tennis, without worrying about school. Once the contest is over, a tutor will help him create a learning plan and continue his education. 

How Flexibility Affects the Quality of Knowledge? 

We understand how all this flexibility might spark skepticism about the quality of knowledge, but that is not a problem. Sport World School uses an American international curriculum that has been accredited by relevant bodies and approved as a program suitable for online education. 

Additionally, our curriculum is approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association – the NCAA, which manages student-athletes in US colleges. When the NCAA approves the schooling program, it means the quality of knowledge a student gets by following and learning from that program ensures that one day that student will have no trouble following more complex curriculums in college. 

While we are on the subject of higher education, you should know that upon graduation from Sport World School, the high school our students receive an international high school diploma. That document is valid and accepted worldwide, which enables our students to apply to colleges and universities anywhere in the world. 

Wrapping up

Sport World School helps young athletes and their families to balance schooling and sport. With our program and unique learning methodology, they can have it all. Students get more free time to spend on the sports fields and practice their skills daily. They have the flexibility to plan their schooling around that. 

Furthermore, we have an absolute understanding of their frequent travels and competitions. As a matter of fact, we support our students by enabling them to press pause on schooling during that time and giving them a chance to work on education later, without overburdening them with lessons. Sport World School grants them enough time to finalize the grade successfully without compromising their athletic career. In other words, they can have it all. 

If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send us an email at, and one of our consultants will reply to you as soon as possible. We have open enrollments throughout the entire year, so you can enroll your child from the beginning of the grade or transfer them in the middle of the grade. Regardless of their previous education achievements, we guarantee we can improve it through online schooling.