Put the Time Out on School When You Have the Tournament

Put the Time Out on School When You Have the Tournament

Online school solves probably one of the biggest problems of young athletes. It allows them to have both school and sport, without compromising their results and achievements in these two fields. In this article, we will explain how you can take advantage of our unique online learning methodology and flexibility so that you don’t end up swamped with schoolwork while you are at a tournament or competition.

The global pandemic has turned the world upside down, and in many countries, sports clubs and academies haven’t started working yet. However, it’s just a matter of time when young athletes will go back to sports fields. Coming back after such a long break will require a lot of work, so athletes can catch up with everything that they missed, and get back in the shape they used to be. Also, once the competitions start to happen again, some “old problems” will arrive again.

For decades, kids who played sports faced the same problem – they couldn’t balance school and sports responsibilities. During competitions, they can’t go to school. Even if a teacher is considerate about a student’s sports obligations, that student will still have a lot of work to do when they come back.

With every missed day at school, a child gets a portion of the material they have to master all by themselves. A teacher will not get back and hold the entire group to explain the lesson to a single student who missed classes. That situation has several outcomes. Students spend the whole summer learning so that they can finalize the grade, or they are falling behind and have to deal with bad grades. And let’s be honest, bad grades bring a feeling of shame, maybe even a depression.

Online School Solves the Problem

A student who plays sports is usually under great pressure because of their responsibilities at school. And not all children can deal with that kind of pressure. If you look back in recent history, you will see that so many top athletes have been homeschooled. The regular school didn’t work in favor of their athletic career. With the rise of the technology and digital era, other choices became available. Online schools are a much better option, and we are about to explain why that is so.

First of all, online schools offer a certain degree of flexibility that allows students to learn at their own tempo. They don’t have strict timetables like in regular school. Sport World School, for example, enables students to use an online learning platform 24 hours, seven days a week. They can learn whenever they feel comfortable.

What separates us from the rest of online schools is our unique learning methodology. An approach to learning that is specifically designed with young athletes in mind.

Sport World School Designed for Young Athletes

SWS has a flexible calendar. You can sign up for our online school at any time of the year. If you have already finalized your grade you don’t have to wait until September to start with online school, you can do it now or whenever you feel ready. Also, if you would like to transfer in the middle of the grade, it’s possible. We have special procedures, and you won’t have to start the grade from the beginning, but to continue where you have left off in a previous school.

At SWS, we use a high-quality American curriculum, and each student creates an individual learning plan. That means, there are no group classes, that is how we enable each student to learn at their own tempo.

Once we enroll a student, our education consultant and teacher talk with both a student and parents and explain the dynamics of schooling. An individual learning plan that we mention means that students learn when they want, but it also defines the dynamic of assignments on the platform. Depending on their sport responsibilities, they can get daily or weekly tasks. In each case, they have to master the same amount of material, but they can choose the rhythm.

What does that actually mean? Let’s say that a student has practice sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays twice a day. There is a huge possibility that they won’t be able to learn on said days. That is entirely ok because they don’t have to miss school. We simply won’t assign them any lessons for those days.

Press the Pause Button

When a student has to travel and be absent, they can pause on their assignments. It’s of crucial importance that they are in constant communication with the teacher. A student must inform a teacher in advance that they will be away for a specified period. During that time, we won’t unlock any new assignments. Once a student returns, a teacher will help them create a plan that will not overburden them too much.

We mentioned earlier that our school year lasts for ten months, but if a student has several pauses during the year, we can prolong the grade a bit longer. That flexibility also works in other directions. In case we have a talented student who is a fast learner, they can finalize their grade in less than ten months. In each case, the tuition fee remains the same.

This approach makes things way easier for athletes because they have enough time for training and school. Additionally, they don’t have to be overburdened with learning materials when they have to miss school. Since we don’t have group classes, a student won’t fall behind other students – they learn at their own pace.

That means a lot to a young athlete, because they don’t feel like they are losing grip in school or that they are worse students. They are not. Their obligations simply require a more flexible approach to learning. And Sport World School can give them that flexibility.

Want to Join Our Team?

If you are thinking about becoming our student, please let us know. Get in touch. We are available to you on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and you can also reach us via email info@sportworldschool.com. Our team will respond promptly, and our education consultants will explain anything you want to know. Let us help you reach your athletic goals without compromising your education.