SWS Team Is Here To Help: Guide Through Online Teaching Support

SWS Team Is Here To Help: Guide Through Online Teaching Support

Sport World School is always there for its students in every aspect, but mostly through our online teaching support. Our team is trying to be of help even before you enroll, and we keep it throughout your schooling with us. Although they learn online, each student has an assigned teacher with whom they can communicate virtually or organize a live tutoring session. In this article, we are going to explain how online teaching support works.

The process of learning at Sport World School happens online. That doesn’t mean that a student is entirely alone. Although you can choose to learn all by yourself, you can always count on a teacher’s support. They can assist you with the material you don’t understand. It’s like you have a private tutor. And they can also serve as a mentor or someone who will help you develop your learning plan and follow through it.

How Online Teaching Support Works?

Sport World School students have several ways to contact their teachers. They can write to them from the platform, or they can schedule a live one on one tutoring session. Our teachers are always trying to respond as quickly as possible and meet students’ requirements for online class time. Although you don’t see a teacher while working on the platform on your own, they are following your progress. They give you new assignments, and therefore they are available for any questions you might have.

How Can I Contact the Teacher From the Platform?

The online learning platform that we use has a handy Messaging tool. When you log into your profile, you will see the Messaging tool located in your screen’s upper right corner. Once you receive the teacher’s message, you will see a notification, similar to one that you see on your social media. Just click the Messaging box to read the message or to reply. It’s the same when you are sending the message.

You can communicate only with your teacher, and the messages are private. That means that only you and your teacher can see the exchanged messages. The platform allows you to write to the teacher even when you are in the assignment or lesson/unit. For example, you are reading or listening to the lesson, and you stumble upon the part of the material that you don’t understand. Naturally, you want to ask the teacher to clarify that for you. You will not have to go back to the main page to access the Messaging box. You can do it straight from that page on which you currently are.

That is highly useful because it doesn’t distract the student and requires them to leave the lesson, only to write the message and then return. That won’t be the case. Student’s attention remains on the lesson the whole time. Since the platform is available to you 24/7, the Messaging is also available throughout the entire day. As we have previously stated, our teachers are trying to reply immediately, but you will get the answer within 12 hours for some, not so urgent questions.

One on One Live Online Class

Another option that Sport World School offers to its students is 1 on 1 online teaching support. Sport World School doesn’t provide group classes. Therefore, at our online school, you won’t have a virtual classroom with 20-30 students. That is because we allow our students to learn at their own tempo. Each of our students creates individual learning plans, and they learn at their own pace. Likewise, they can schedule an individual tutoring session with a teacher.

It is a live online class with a teacher. This option is available to all our students. They can arrange this tutoring session Monday to Friday, two hours per day. The class is happening online via Skype, Zoom, or other similar platforms. It’s an excellent option because a teacher is focused only on one particular student for the whole two hours. There are no other students. It is like each of our students has its private tutor.

Can I Cancel This Support?

We mentioned that this form of online teaching support is available Monday to Friday, but it is not obligatory. Some of our students realize that they don’t need a teacher’s help every day. They would learn alone. You can cancel online teaching support whenever you feel like you don’t need that sort of assistance. Likewise, you will be able to reinstate it at any point during your online schooling with us.

Our students have 24/7 access to the online learning platform, which allows them to learn whenever they want. Yet, if the live class is scheduled at a particular time and date or dates, we expect a student to respect the arrangement. It is not allowed that you schedule a live online class and don’t show up. The school will tolerate it if that happens once, mostly if there were some unpredictable reasons why the student didn’t show up. However, if this happens more than once, the school board will issue a fine.

You have to schedule or cancel the class at least 24 hours in advance. If you want online teaching support in continuity, you won’t have to schedule your live class every time. Let’s say that you want to have an online class Monday to Friday at the same time, or only on a particular day, but the time remains the same, we won’t ask you to schedule it over and over again. However, if you want to cancel or you can’t attend a class on a particular day for whatever reasons, we expect that you inform the teacher in advance.

Consult With a Teacher

That is one of the options mostly used by young athletes in older, high school grades, but it is available to all our students. Since the students are already teenagers, and they can learn individually, on their own without anyone’s help, they just need a teacher from time to time as a consultant.

For example, as young athletes, our students cannot learn in continuity and are often “absent” from the online school due to competitions and tournaments. They have to be in touch with a teacher and announce them when they will be away, for how long, and when they are coming back. Likewise, they can discuss with the teacher options for catching up on the missed material, so they don’t become overburdened with lessons. We wrote the whole article about that, and you can read it here.

We Play for the Same Team

At Sport World School, as at most online schools, students learn mostly on their own. But they are not entirely alone through their process of schooling. Our students can always count on us. To use the sporting terminology, we play for the same team and have the same goal — to provide each student to acquire high-quality knowledge while building their athletic career.

We understand why parents are skeptical when we say that students are learning from the platform. The online learning platform that we use is specifically designed to boost students’ interest in the material and help them acquire knowledge in a fun and interactive way. We also understand that not all students can learn without a teacher’s help, which is why we offer several forms of online teaching support, which we mentioned in this article. Each of these forms is available to our students, and we don’t charge it extra. The teaching support is included in the regular tuition fee.

If you would like to know other benefits and advantages of online schooling, please contact us, we would gladly share them with you. You can reach us via email info@sportworldschool.com and schedule a free consultation with our educational consultant. They can explain the particularities of online schooling with Sport World School, the curriculum, and show you the platform to see the learning environment in advance.