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Help your child transform their athletic career from struggling to successful. Enroll in Sport World School (SWS) an international online school with a methodological approach specifically designed to match young athletes’ needs. SWS provides online programs for elementary, middle, and high school. Students can start from the beginning of the grade or transfer in the middle from their previous school.

Enrollments for 2021 are open, and young athletes from all around the world are welcome to apply. Online education has significant advantages for young athletes. Athletic careers usually have a tempo that clashes with the traditional education. That leaves students to deal with missed classes and bad grades. Online learning gives them the flexibility to organize their time the way they want and balance school and sport.

To put it simply, online school means more time on the sports fields. SWS doesn’t have strict timetables, because our students learn individually. With an individual learning plan, each student is free to learn at their own tempo. We grant students 24/7 access to learning materials, so they can learn whenever they want. This form of education doesn’t require that they spend six to eight hours in school, but much less.

Advantages of that flexible and personalized learning for young athletes are many. Moreover, they can put a time out anytime during the grade and dedicate themselves to preparations or tournaments. Students don’t have to worry that they will have a tone of lessons to catch up with once they return.

How To Apply?

The application process is clear, and you can fill in THIS FORM on our website or send us a direct email to Either way, we will require some information and documentation from you. You’ll have to provide us with scanned copies of:

  • student’s latest educational transcript
  • student’s passport or other ID

When we receive your email, one of our consultants will take your case over. They will go over documents, ensuring that a child is eligible to enroll in our online school. Our team will contact you back and explain the procedure further. In case you want to gather some information and ask some questions before applying, schedule a free consultation with one of our consultants. You can request such a meeting via the email we mentioned above.

Who Can Apply To SWS?

Everyone. Well, Sport World School is for young athletes, but if you bumped into this page and you like what an online school offers for your child who is not an athlete — contact us, anyway. Sport World School is a special department of Education World Wide — renowned international online school, whose program and methodology are suitable for learners who are not necessarily an athlete.

If your child is between 6 and 18 years old, and they play any sport — they can apply to our online school. As we have mentioned previously, we provide programs for elementary, middle, and high schools. Given that we are an American school, the entire program is in the English language. The learning happens through a single online learning platform. We use an accredited American curriculum that is adjusted for international students. It’s also approved by the NCAA, meaning that our graduates can apply to a range of US colleges within their network.

Is an Entrance Exam Necessary

Sport World School doesn’t usually require any entrance exam for students, yet it will be necessary for some cases. As an international online school, we accept students from all parts of the globe. Yet, they are coming from different educational systems. Sometimes, we have to check if their level of knowledge corresponds to the level of knowledge required for a particular grade at our online school.

These examinations do not affect students’ eligibility to enroll at Sport World School, and they determine students’ starting point in our online school. We have a similar procedure when a student transfers in the middle of the grade from another school. We don’t oblige them to start the grade from the beginning. They can just continue where they stopped in the previous school. An exam will help us determine what part of the curriculum has students already mastered, and therefore we can skip some lessons for them, and they don’t have to go through them again.

Pay the Tuition Fee in Installments

Upon its many conveniences, Sport World School also allows families to pay the tuition fee in installments. The tuition fee for the entire grade is $3000, which is one of the most affordable tuition in the online schooling industry. Families can opt to pay it in up to 10 monthly installments, which is only $300 monthly. That possibility lowers the pressure on the family budget, which is usually overwhelmed with all other costs on behalf of a child’s sports activities. Keep in mind that our tuition fee covers all expenses, and we won’t charge any additional costs.

A student gets 24/7 access to the online learning platform, and of course, a personal profile on which they can track personal progress. Likewise, they get a complete learning material for each grade, and they don’t have to buy any books. The package also includes live online tutoring support, which students can schedule on-demand. Families can expect a timely review of students’ progress, and our consultants and tutors are always available to them for a consultation.

Upon finalizing the grade, our students receive an educational transcript as proof that they have successfully finalized the grade. Once they graduate from high school, they will receive a high school diploma at a home address. Given that we are an American school, all our documents originate in the US, yet they come with an Apostille certificate, which ensures their validity worldwide. Therefore, our transcripts and diploma are recognized and accepted by the majority of countries in the world.

If You Still Have Questions

While we are fully transparent and all information is clearly listed on our website, we can also offer you a free consultation with one of our consultants. You can schedule an online meeting and talk with the consultant about any aspect of schooling with us. To request a consultation, you can send an email at

Let us summarize quickly — enrollments at Sport World School are open, and you can enroll anytime. We accept students from all around the world who can study at our online elementary, middle, or high school. Sport World School specializes in schooling students who are playing sports. By offering them a quality curriculum through a more flexible learning schedule and methodology, we help students balance sport and school. Athletes will have more time to spend on the sports fields without missing classes and losing touch with the education.

The team is always here if you have any questions or if you need help.