College Progression Opportunities After Sport World School

College Progression Opportunities After Sport World School

Sport World School (SWS) is a completely accredited and certified online school. Once a student graduates from our online high school, they have numerous options to proceed to a college or a university. Young athletes at SWS have additional possibilities since our program is also approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). That enables them to apply to US colleges within the NCAA network and continue playing sports while in college.

Many parents and students are thinking about college progression options after an online school. As an online school with all the necessary accreditations and certifications, SWS is a safe path towards higher education. Our high-quality curriculum ensures that students will get the fundamental knowledge to prepare them for more serious academic programs. Besides, institutions of higher education also recognize a diploma issued to students who graduated from high school.

Why College Progression Path Is Important?

While we know that many of our students dream of an athletic career, we must keep things realistic. A career of an athlete usually ends in their 30s. After that, they have to find a job or do something to ensure their existence. That is where education comes in handy. By joining SWS you are thinking two steps ahead.

Firstly, our unique learning methodology enables young athletes to finalize school while simultaneously playing sports without making significant compromises. Secondly, we enable them to go to college and continuing their education. And even at colleges and universities, you can continue playing a sport while you are studying.

Going to college means having a plan B. What will you do after an athletic career, or if your career doesn’t go as planned? Don’t forget that even after quit being a professional athlete, you can still help your sport and community by working on other jobs – managing, health, business, for example. Opting for going to college is always a wise decision.

Did you know that some of the world-famous athletes got their degrees through distance studying? Take Venus Williams and Shaquille O’Neal, for example, they both have a degree in Business. Even if you are not planning on going to college straight from high school, it’s good to know that you are eligible to do so, anytime you want to.

Your Eligibility After SWS

After finalizing our online high school, a student gets a minimum of 21 credits, which is a requirement for graduation. However, they can earn up to 24 credits, because they get credits for core subjects and also for some electives that they choose. We already mentioned that our diploma is valid and recognized worldwide. If you want to read more on that, you can do it on progression to the college page.

All that means that our students can apply to a range of colleges and universities in the entire world. They have open doors not only in their home country but indeed worldwide. Since we are an international school, our students have the status of international students.

As a young athlete, or a parent of one, you might be interested to know that SWS uses Ignitia and Odysseyware curriculums, and the NCAA has approved both. That initially enables our students to apply to US colleges within the NCAA network. They can even apply for sports scholarships. You can read more on that topic here.

Are You Interested in Studying Business?

Sport World School operates as a special department of Education World Wide, a renowned online school. Under the same umbrella, EduWW has Online Business Academy, a platform that offers Business Management and IT & Computing studies.

At Online Business Academy, you can study full BA or MBA programs in Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree program in Computing. Additionally, you may opt for Level qualifications that last year and are equivalent to a year of bachelor’s studies at a university. In that case, you can choose between Level 4 to Level 7 qualifications. For more information, please visit


Some may say that universities and colleges do not accept online schools, but we have to disagree. Online schooling is an entirely legitimate form of education, especially when a school possesses all accreditations and certifications. Therefore, our students will not have any trouble in going to college or a university. Moreover, they have multiple options since they are international students.

If you are still in doubt whether you should join SWS, or have some questions, get in touch. Contact us via email, and our education consultants will reply to you within 24 hours. You can also schedule a live online consultation during which we can present to you our online learning platform. Enroll now, and experience all the benefits that an online school gives to young athletes.