SWS Team: Hans Mahr, Media Manager

SWS Team: Hans Mahr, media manager

The Sport World School proudly welcomes a new member to our team of supporters. Meet, Hans Mahr, media manager from Austria.

A decades-long career in media has turned Hans Mahr into one of the most recognizable and renowned media managers in Austria and Germany. Since the early ages, he had a talent for writing, so he carved his teeth in journalism in his teen years in local newspapers in Vienna, where he was born.

He studied Economy, but the passion for writing kept him in journalism. Early in his career, he became a journalist of Kronen Zeitung, Vienna’s newspaper with the highest circulation. A few years down the road and he advanced to the position of managing director of the same publication.

In the ’70s, Hans worked as an office manager of Vienna’s major, Leopold Gratz. After a short trip to politics, he came back to the world of media. For ten years, he was a director and editor of RTL and RTL New Media, the largest media company in Germany. Mahr holds several media awards for his contribution to journalism.

Recently, he published a book, “Hans geht essen” with more than 500 practical restaurant tips from around the world. Here’s what Hans had to say about Sport World School.

“The world became such a competitive place, you have to give your best even in an early age. Kids who have talent and passion for sports must try hard to make it to the professional life. The Sport World School seems like a perfect solution for young athletes, without lowering the value of sports efforts or schooling. Children get quality education and a recognized diploma, while they thrive in the world of sports. It’s all possible through online and flexible schooling program that is certified and internationally recognized.”

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