We are not grading, we are helping

We Are Not Grading, We Are Helping

At the Sport World School, we do not have grades, marks, or banks, call them whatever you want, like they do in regular school. Why is that, and how do we measure your progress, we will explain in this article. The majority of us at the Sport World School went to a regular school because …

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Online School for young athletes

Online School Is the Perfect Choice for Young Athletes

How many times you had to miss training because of school? And how many times you had to skip school because of the game or the other way around? Well, if you are a young athlete, we believe that the answer is – too many times. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With …

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SWS Team: Hans Mahr, media manager

SWS Team: Hans Mahr, Media Manager

The Sport World School proudly welcomes a new member to our team of supporters. Meet, Hans Mahr, media manager from Austria. A decades-long career in media has turned Hans Mahr into one of the most recognizable and renowned media managers in Austria and Germany. Since the early ages, he had a talent for writing, so …

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Learn only 2 hours per day

Learn Only 2 Hours per Day

If you have ever wondered how much time you must spend learning at the Sport World School, the answer is only 2 hours per day. Our unique learning methodology enables students to learn at their own tempo because they are not overwhelmed with learning materials. Yet, the quality of their education is not compromised. This …

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Asaf Shariv, SWS supporter

SWS Team: Asaf Shariv, lawyer and diplomat

So far, we have presented our team members who are respectful individuals in the sports industry. But now, we have the honor to introduce you with our team member who comes from an entirely different area. Asaf Shariv is a lawyer, journalist, and diplomat. Currently, Shariv is the CEO of the Peres Center for Peace …

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Kinneret Wallach

SWS Team: Kinneret Wallach, Paralympic Tennis Player

The Sport World School proudly welcomes Kinneret Wallach to the team of supporters. If short, we would describe Kinneret as a fighter and hero. She is Israeli paralympic tennis player who doesn’t let her handicap prevents her from achieving goals. Kinneret had a complicated childhood, but that wasn’t the end of her troubles. In her …

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Werner Kuhn

SWS Team: Werner Kuhn, sports manager

The Sport World School proudly welcomes Werner Kuhn to the team of supporters. Kuhn is an Austrian sports manager, mostly known for his managing role in the famous sports club Rapid where he spent more than 20 years. He is currently the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bundes-Sport. After Avram Grant, another sports manager …

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What Do You Get With the Sport World School Online Education?

What Do You Get With the Sport World School Online Education?

The Sport World School is not your average online education platform. We are made with young athletes in focus. Just like you aim for the best results on the sports field, we too want to excel in our area. We put dedication, effort, and hard work into what we do – providing online schooling for …

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SWS Team: Avram Grant

SWS Team: Avram Grant, Football Manager

The Sport World School is proud to have an eminent sports figure, such as Avram Grant in our team. Grant is a respected football manager with an outstanding career. Avram Grant started his career as a coach of football teams in Israel, where he was born. He worked with several local clubs and the Israeli …

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Sport World School - have it all

In 2020 You Can Have It All

Christmas is a time of the year when we take a look back, but only to see how far we’ve come. We reflect on what we have done and set goals to conquer new frontiers. We all strive for greatness, and our children are no different. They, too, aim to be better at school and …

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